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No permission for any foreign photographer in Maldives – MED

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Foreign PhotographerMinistry of Economic Development (MED) has said that there was no special permission for any foreign photographer to operate in Maldives, warning that it will be put a stop to.

Speaking to “Sun” on Wednesday, Registrar of Companies, Mariyam Wisam said that the photography industry was specialized only for locals, but that some foreign photographers were still working in the country.

“Some big resorts are speaking in a way which is creating misunderstandings. They insist they have special permission. There is no special permission. We want to say clearly that no special permission has been given to any business or any party involved in tourism for any foreign photographer to make any agreement with a photography agency,” said Wisam.

Wisam said that complaints regarding foreign photographers sent to Ministry of Economic Affairs were being looked into in association with Ministry of Tourism and Immigration.

She noted that banning foreign photographers from working in Maldives was directly beneficial to the Maldivian youth.

Foreign photographers have earned MVR 11 million within the first six months of this year alone, despite the ban.

Source: Sun Online

How your world would look if you were a bird

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Awesome 25 images of 25 places, including a photo of Male’ the capital city of Maldives. The photo is by me.


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Government shuts off foreign photographers

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MAS_0818eThe government has on Monday shut the Maldivian market off to foreign photographers.
Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed told Haveeru that foreign photographers had previously been given permits to work in the Maldives. Saeed, however, added that the Ministry has decided to stop issuing such permits.

“What we want is to empower the Maldivian youth and to make establish photography as an industry in the country” the Minister said “Resorts operating in the Maldives will have to hire local photographers”.

A local photographer’s association had recently voiced their concern over foreign photographers working for local businesses and effectively ‘monopolizing’ the industry.

Source: Haveeru Online

Where there is love there is life

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Save your memory through photography with

25 Of the best award-winning wedding photos taken in 2014

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Photo Credit : Chris Huang

Photo Credit : Chris Huang

Photography contests are great because they tend to attract the best of the best to submit their photos. The International Society Of Professional Wedding Photographers, for example, holds a quarterly competition among their members that collects their best wedding photos for the world to see.
There are 20 different categories that highlight all the different features that can make a wedding photo great – from lighting and composition to dynamic movement or raw emotion. Check out some of their best photos from 2014 below!
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New look of Nasheed Anil & Co with my images

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Save your special moment forever…

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Photo shoot in Maafushi

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