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Dhandi Jehun Folk Dance

Posted in Culture, History, information by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on May 14, 2013

DSC_0259 DSC_0263 DSC_0266 DSC_0275Dhandi Jehun is a popular dance form of the beautiful islands of Maldives. The style in which the Maldives Dhandi Jehun folk dance is performed varies from island to island. A group of 30 men participate in this dance. It is believed that Dhandi Jehun dance has come from Malik (Minicoy Islands). Read on to know more about the Dhandi Jehun folk dance Of Maldives.

The dance consists of a lead singer, who usually sings the “Thaara” songs or “Unbaa” songs. Other group members sing in chorus and dance to the beat of the song. In the Dhandi Jehun folk dance show, each performer holds three sticks called Dhandi. While dancing, he hits his Dhandi with that of the performer facing him. There is no specific dress for the dancers. However, they all dress up in uniformity.

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