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No permission for any foreign photographer in Maldives – MED

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Foreign PhotographerMinistry of Economic Development (MED) has said that there was no special permission for any foreign photographer to operate in Maldives, warning that it will be put a stop to.

Speaking to “Sun” on Wednesday, Registrar of Companies, Mariyam Wisam said that the photography industry was specialized only for locals, but that some foreign photographers were still working in the country.

“Some big resorts are speaking in a way which is creating misunderstandings. They insist they have special permission. There is no special permission. We want to say clearly that no special permission has been given to any business or any party involved in tourism for any foreign photographer to make any agreement with a photography agency,” said Wisam.

Wisam said that complaints regarding foreign photographers sent to Ministry of Economic Affairs were being looked into in association with Ministry of Tourism and Immigration.

She noted that banning foreign photographers from working in Maldives was directly beneficial to the Maldivian youth.

Foreign photographers have earned MVR 11 million within the first six months of this year alone, despite the ban.

Source: Sun Online

Immigration asks employers to terminate contracts of foreign photographers

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Maldives Immigration Department has asked the resident employers to the foreign photographers to terminate their contracts by the 7th of next month (June 2015).
A statement from the department claims that it has asked the employers to terminate these contracts and request to have their Employment Approval cancelled.

Source: Haveeru Online

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Government shuts off foreign photographers

Posted in News, tourism by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on January 27, 2015

MAS_0818eThe government has on Monday shut the Maldivian market off to foreign photographers.
Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed told Haveeru that foreign photographers had previously been given permits to work in the Maldives. Saeed, however, added that the Ministry has decided to stop issuing such permits.

“What we want is to empower the Maldivian youth and to make establish photography as an industry in the country” the Minister said “Resorts operating in the Maldives will have to hire local photographers”.

A local photographer’s association had recently voiced their concern over foreign photographers working for local businesses and effectively ‘monopolizing’ the industry.

Source: Haveeru Online

Best Luxury Romantic Hotel at World Luxury Hotel Awards

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Royal Island Resort & Spa wins Best Luxury Romantic Hotel at World Luxury Hotel Awards by m o d e
Royal Island Resort & Spa wins Best Luxury Romantic Hotel at World Luxury Hotel Awards, a photo by m o d e on Flickr.

Royal Island Resort & Spa has been awarded as Best Luxury Romantic Hotel at the World Luxury Hotel and Spa Awards 2013.

Maldives celebrates best at World Luxury Hotel Awards 2013

Posted in information, News, tourism, Travel by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on November 3, 2013

On the 1st of November the red-carpet was once again rolled out by the World Luxury Hotel Awards to welcome some of the world’s top hoteliers & leading decision-makers. The spotlight was turned on some of the world’s most sought after hotels, lodges and resorts as they arrived in great anticipation to pick-up their recognition as the winning results were revealed at the annual “glitzy affair”. Once again Maldives was triumphant by winning some of the top awards including overall winner of the night.

Covered by France24 the World Luxury Hotel Award’s official media partner, the event included a 6 course gala dinner followed by top entertainment and presentation of coveted Awards.

Our belief is that service excellence is the most critical factor in a hotel’s measure as a luxury hotel and winning a World Luxury Hotel Award would enhance performance levels if industry peers can be judged against other major players in the field. We can always be inspired to greater levels of excellence meaning exceeding customer’s expectations and paying attention to detail, said Marinique de Wet Director of the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

World Luxury Hotel Awards events offer hoteliers with a unique opportunity to savour and celebrate their achievements of the past year with their industry peers.

The World Luxury Hotel Awards was established in 2006 to recognize the worldwide luxury hotel industry and legendary hotels with respect to overall service excellence. Award winners raised the bar of service delivery within the industry ever since as some of the world’s top hotels including brands such as Swissôtel, InterContinental, Hilton, Kempinski, Anantara & Mövenpick Hotels compete annually to receive top honours. Over 1,000 hotels from 87 countries were nominated to participate in the world’s most prestigious Awards initiative for luxury hotels in 2013. (more…)

MDP Celebrates 8th anniversary

Posted in News, Photojournalism, Politics by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on June 27, 2013

mdp3Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) held colorful parade on Male’ streets to mark their 8th anniversary, 26th June 2013.

Save our surf breaks

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[A shot from Sultan point]

Here goes the news; “Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) Corporate plans to build a resort in Thamburudhoo (Sultans & Honkies). The project includes dredging and reclaiming the surrounding area of Thamburudhoo and Girifushi reef. This is going to affect the natural current flow of the surrounding waves such as Jailbreaks, Honkies, Sultans and Pasta. Moreover, it will destroy dive spots around this area. So the government’s best interest is to annihilate our natural resources which include world class surf sites and dive sites. I call all my friends & my extended family (surfers, snowboarders, skaters, divers, non-surfers, on liners, surf media, surf rider foundation, international community, everyone) to help us save these waves like we all stood against the state and saved the Trestles. Save it for or children, save it for the future.” – Banzai Bongo (well-known local surfer)

Maldives celebrates 47th Independence Day

Posted in History, News, Politics by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on July 26, 2012
Maldives celebrates 47th Independence Day by m o d e
Maldives celebrates 47th Independence Day, a photo by m o d e on Flickr.

Maldives Independence Day has a lot of significance, as it is on this day that this country got freedom from the clutches of Britishers. It falls on the 26th in the month of July. In the year 1887, Maldives became a British Protectorate. During that time, the Britishers agreed that they wont interfere in the internal affairs of Maldives. However, when it came to foreign matters, the Britishers had to be consulted.

As a part of agreement, the Britishers said that in return, they would ensure that Maldives is safe and won’t be subjected to any colonial intimidation. Later on, on 26th July 1965, Maldivians were granted full independence. Independence Day celebrations in Maldives take place on a large scale.

Note: This is the 1st Independence Day of Maldives after coup d’etat.

MDP mass protest

Posted in News, Photojournalism, Politics by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on February 18, 2012

Maldives Democratic Party (MDP)’s Mass protest calling for the resignation of President Dr. Waheed and to hold early presidential elections at Lonuziyaaraih Kolhu. Large numbers of people have gathered at the protest. 17th February 2012.

[ video]

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Maldives News on International media

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