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“For my love with love”

Posted in Daily Life, Poem by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on February 24, 2011

Once upon a time we met,

We worked together,

We were strangers… we hated and fought each other for a while…

And then we shared our stories…

We had some things in common…

We fell in love secretly…

We were in the sun… on the moon…

Days went by, years went by…

And time went by as we wed after five years…

Spending life together in marriage, we found happiness and joy…

Today we are proud to be parents of a baby daughter…

We have almost everything…

Our life is like rainbows, butterflies, sunshine and blossoming flowers… everywhere, all the time.


Posted in Photography by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on February 20, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

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People’s power proved

Posted in Photojournalism, Politics by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on February 12, 2011

“Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is teetering on the brink, after Tunisia’s Ben Ali was forced to flee the country, comes the launching of a new era in world history: People Power has the drive to remove political regimes and to implant the collective will of the population.”

We ourselves has experienced 30 year dictatorship and changed to democracy; The picture was taken in 2006 from a protest against the regime by opposition “Maldivian Democratic Party”, the party’s chairperson Mohamed Nasheed is facing the police. Those days there is no freedom of protesting against the government and the activists were held in prison time to time.

After all the difficulties, suffering, torture, pain, arrest and persecution, Mohamed Nasheed finally won what he deserved in the presidential election of 2008. He’s the first democratically elected president of Maldives.

In Egypt’s situation President Mohamed Nasheed expressed his opinion in 2nd of February 2011, Mubarak to step down, today, 11th February 2011 he welcomes Mubarak’s departure and calls for democratic Egypt.

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Posted in Photography by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on February 9, 2011

Demolition of Arabiyya School

Posted in History, Photojournalism by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on February 8, 2011

The voting day…

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Maldives Local Counsil Election 2011

Maldives: A Bold and Historic Step for Change

Posted in Nature, Photography, Travel by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on February 4, 2011

“Think of Maldives and what springs to your mind? A paradise comprised of idyllic islands? A place that turns postcards into tickets to the heavens? A destination that is an exotic blend of sun, sand, and sea spiced up by its colorful culture? If this is the case, you’d better think twice…

This time last year I published a photo essay about Maldives. This nation of around 400,000 souls was in the news as it embraced change by dethroning Asia’s longest serving ruler Mamoon Abdul Gayoom in favor of Mohammed Nasheed, a 42-year-old former journalist and democracy activist. While Americans are busy arguing if Obama has brought any substantial change to the nation, the subjects of this tiny Indian Ocean republic are content that their leader has taken the boldest ever step in human history to highlight their problems and demand global action.

A couple of days ago, the awareness campaign for climate change got a new boost when the government of the Indian Ocean republic of The Maldives held an underwater cabinet session that lasted for around 30 minutes. My photojournalist friend from Maldives Mohammed Abdulla Shafeeg has dispatched this fascinating photo essay.”

by Moign Khawaja

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