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Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu Miskiy

Posted in History by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on May 5, 2012

“Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu Miskiy” (Mosque) in the Capital of Maldives is considered to be the oldest existing mosque in the Republic of Maldives.

The Mosque situated in a serene ensemble between the Sultan Park and the Muleeaage can be attributed to Muhammed-ul-Adil (Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu), the first Sultan of the Maldives.

Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu Mosque is a one-room structure measuring approx. 13 x 6.6 m with a 1.8 m wide covered veranda in the front, and there is a well inside the campus for drawing water for ablution.

Source: National Centre for Linguistic and Historical Research