Maldives in still mode

Found these from Maldives Capital City walls!

Posted in Photojournalism by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on August 8, 2014


Demonstration held against Israel

Posted in Event, Photojournalism by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on January 10, 2009

Images taken from a protest held in Maldives capital Male’ on today 9th January 2009 – Friday, to voice against the on-going military surge by the Israeli armed forces into the land of Palestinians, which is killing hundreds and wounding countless others.

The protest was attended by several political figures of the Maldives from almost all the registered political parties and also members of different NGOs. Some key figures who attended the protest include human rights commissioner Ahmed Saleem and human rights ambassador Mohamed Latheef. Also includes the speaker of the People’s Majlis Mohamed Shihab and DRP’s parliamentary group leader Aneesa Ahmed. Several citizens also joined the protest with boards and banners condemning Israel.

The participants who addressed the crowd called for a boycott of all Israeli and American products and urged the government to denounce the attack at the rally. Also the speakers called for a ban of all Jewish investments in the Maldives. A fund was also opened in order to provide financial help to the Palestinians.