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President launches My book “Dhivehiraajje Democracy ah kuri Dhathuru”

Posted in News by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg on July 4, 2011

President Mohamed Nasheed has launched the book, “Dhivehiraajje Democracy ah Kuri Dhathuru” (Maldives Journey to Democracy) yesterday.
The book “Dhivehiraajje Democracy ah Kuri Dhathuru” chronicles events since 2003 that led to the first ever democratically held election in the Maldives.
Highlighting the subject of the book in his remarks at the ceremony held at the National Library, President Nasheed said that democracy was the natural goal of humanity, and there could be no other conclusion to human civilization.
Underscoring the beginning of the democratic movement, the President said the calls for democracy stemmed from the desire for freedom to write, and the movement began and grew, in the early stages, through writing.
He said Mohamed was able to write the book as a result of great struggles by many writers for the freedom to write.
The President said Maldivians pursued democracy, and eventually ushered democracy in the Maldives in order to realize people’s aspirations.
Reaffirming the government’s commitment to democracy, the President said the government was able to continue towards democratic consolidation because of its patience in the face of calls for justice for crimes by the previous regime.
He said his administration came to government committed to break the culture of prosecuting and “destroying the lives of preceding rulers of the country” forcing them to leave the country by their successors.
The book consists of commentaries, details and photographs of major events and defining moments between 2003 and the first ever democratically held election in the country.


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